Welcome to Mor Aduial: Dark Evening.  My name is Kaie, and I will be your [semi] benevolent dictator here.  My goal with this blog is to highlight issues in our society, be they political, social, or a mix of the two.  Right now I’m focusing most on certain areas of the political arena, women’s rights, and abuse in the home.

I have a number of reasons for setting these on a higher priority than other hot-button topics of the day, such as climate change, elections, and entertainment/celebrities, which I will probably get into at some later point.  But not today.  Today we celebrate the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and experience.  [also today I’m going to the aquarium, so.]

So, in closing, may I extend a hand in friendship, invite you to pull up a chair, and welcome you to Mor Aduial.


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