Fail, again [straight from Oklahoma]

As you may remember, on Feb. 19th of this year, the Oklahoma Supreme Court handed down a decision declaring an “information collecting” law to be unconstitutional.  Feminists and Pro-Choicers across the nation rejoiced, glad that such blatantly illegal procedures wouldn’t be implemented.

Until yesterday.

A House committee Monday approved four anti-abortion measures that were included in two earlier laws that since were struck down by the courts.

Basically, they decided that since the law in OK states that bills have to be “single subject,” they would be able to force the legislation through in four parts instead of two.  And what doozies these bills are!  They expand the “abortion questionnaire” law and turn it into four bills that seriously attack the right of women to get abortions freely and at need.

House Bill 2780, passing the committee 10-1, will require the woman seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound and be given a “description” of the fetus and be offered images of the ultrasound before the abortion.  I’m really, really not a fan of sonogram laws.  First, they artificially jack up the cost of an abortion – from something “maybe affordable if we eat ramen for a month” to “I can never afford this, ever.”  Sonograms are not cheap and to expect the woman to pay for that on top of the medicines and the abortion itself is cruel.

Second, it assumes that a woman is stupid enough to not know that there’s something growing in her, and that she’ll change her mind on hearing about her ~precious unborn child~.  Such paternalism is shameful to us all, those of us on the receiving end and those who enforce it.

House Bill 3110 is essentially a recreation of President Bush’s “Freedom of Conscience Act,” where any “physician, physician’s assistant, registered nurse, practical nurse, pharmacist, or any employee thereof” can refuse to perform an abortion due to “religious convictions” and not be disciplined or corrected for said refusal.

My thoughts on the matter are basically “if you don’t want to provide abortions, then don’t go into the ‘abortion industry,'” as it is so often called.  One thing to be grateful about is that HB 3110 does not consider contraception to be abortion.

House Bill 3290 also passed 10-1 through the committee phase, and unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information that I can find on this one.  As near as I can tell via various pro-life sites, it has something to do with preventing the use of RU486 [also known as the “abortion pill”] in certain situations.  Since I can’t definitively link to a bill, I’m going to hold off on criticizing this one.

HB 3284 is essentially a rehash of the questionnaire law, just pulled out and resubmitted.  And since I’ve already made my thoughts on that very clear, I’ll just let you reread it if you want.  My question, however, is now “why are they allowed to submit a bill after it’s been declared unconstitutional?  Shouldn’t there be a waiting period or something?”

Oh well.  At this point, all we can hope for is that it doesn’t get past the full House, much less the Senate.


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