On Fat and Clothing

In my post about bras, I addressed some rather unfortunate issues in the lingerie industry.  Well, now it’s time to talk about the clothing industry itself, specifically about “plus-size clothing” and how there are two very, very weird camps people fall in.

Either you’re “plus-sized but not fat” or you’re “deathfat,” relegated to wearing what looks like a circus tent [not that I am not criticizing the style, it’s very classy, but the colors] or taupe, black, or “nude” so as to blend in with the background.  It’s bad enough at places like Target and Wal*Mart, but if you walk into a “plus-sized store” it’s even worse.

The attitudes, I think, are what’s the worst part about going shopping if you’re any bigger than a size 12.  A size 16 is now considered to be plus-sized in every fashion industry in the states [I do not know enough about foreign fashion to know whether this is the case elsewhere as well].  And yet, even if you’re shopping in, say, Lane Bryant, the larger you are the worse the clothing gets.

First is the issue of finding anything in your size.  Yes, even at places like Lane Bryant and Catherine’s, us “fatties” have problems finding larger sizes.  Not only are the pickings scarce, but the few things in stock are poorly-made and ill-fitting.  Only the most basic of apparel is made at the same quality of the smaller sizes – camisoles, t-shirts, stockings, slippers, socks.  Everything else is essentially hit-or-miss.

And then you have the styles.  Rarely do you see anything fashion-forward enough to be “trendy,” but instead there seems to be a reliance upon the age-old tunic and wide-leg pants.  Floor-length dresses, broomstick skirts.  We don’t have a chance to even try on something like this shirt, from aofei.en.alibaba.com, but instead are shuffled into zebra-print jumpsuits, Tribal Rhythms, and the like.  It’s as if we’re being told that we’re not worth the design time/effort to make stuff that fits well.

Most of the time, at least.  Torrid is pretty good, though their sizes tend to peter out the higher up you get.  I’m just tired, and I know others are too, of being shoved to the side.  And that, as they say, is that.


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