very random

damn you, doctor, damn you to hell.

“oh it’s your choice whether or not you go for an exploratory laparotomy, but when you ask for a referral I’ll just lie and say you said your gyno would be willing to do it.”


that said, I really think it’s time.  and the sooner the better, since I can’t get in with the pain clinic until July 1st. Guh.  I’m tired of people trying to decide for me how much pain is “too much” and how much I’ll “just have to live with.”  HEY GUYS, IT’S MY LIFE, LAST I CHECKED, AND I’M THE ONE WHO HAS TO LIVE WITH THE PAIN.


In completely other news, a friend of mine is trying to set something up.  It’s … kind of difficult to explain, so I’ll let her do it in her own words.

Last Monday, on the topic of only ~real~ women having curves, I got the idea for … a store, a site, a statement, a movement.  Declaring that the only “real” women are women who meet a certain standard, a certain ideal, is discriminatory, obnoxious, and wrong.  It also pairs in with the HAES [Health At Every Size] movement: that just because you’re Curvy, Portly, Chubby, Fat, Obese… whatever, it doesn’t make you any less of a woman.

Any person who says they are a woman, is a woman.

And so, I bring before you: a store.  A store that promotes subversion, against the ideals that limit us into one really uncomfortable box.  Join me in standing up and saying ENOUGH!  A site for people to gather at, to chat, to promote health and beauty in all its forms.

My goal for this: to promote the death of discriminatory labels, to promote good self esteem, to aid in just maybe brightening someone’s day.

My aim: that half of all profits [above what’s needed to keep the store running] go to charities and organizations that are actively working to promote good in the world.  Specifically, at least for now, FA/feminist/HAES places, though I would love to be able to expand to LGBTQA and others.  To do this, I need to know: what needs donations?  What needs funds to help pay its employees, funds to pay for services, funds to… well, cover just about anything?  I am totally open to ideas and suggestions.


So there you have it.  Please check out her site and store and, if you can afford it, stock up on stuff!


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