some really scary info

…about the Medicaid cuts.

I spoke to my case manager today [in the mental health services provider I use right now, she’s the one that organizes everything and is the central support person. she also functions as my therapist] and as I was leaving, I asked if she or her coworkers had any more information about the cuts.

They don’t. The state isn’t even telling providers anything, the only information they have is what their clients are telling them as they get their notification letters. We do know for sure that vision and dental are completely going away. As in “poof” away.

This is just peachy. I have bad eyes — to the point where my glasses get rechecked and invariably replaced every year [and one time twice in a year!], and a lot of dental work that needs to be done [specifically, I have no lower canines, because they got ground off]. And now there’s nothing.

Such a lovely feeling, knowing I’m seen as worthless.

Small note: I’d like to extend a grateful thank you to Melissa at Shakesville for

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