About Kaie

My name is Kaie Driscol.  Kaie [pronounced kigh [[as in “high”]]-ee] means “combat.”  Driscol, “a place of wild roses.”  My aim in my life is to combat untruth, to make things right, and yet also be something of beauty, something of the elusive scent of wild roses in the great forests.

I come from an abusive background.  I’ve been sexually assaulted.  I am 100% Certified Batshit Insane, so don’t expect “normality” here.  It doesn’t exist.  All of these things influence who I am, what I am, and what I write about.  I fully admit that I am biased, I don’t care if someone screams it from the rooftops – because we are all of us biased.  I only hope to approach the subjects here with grace, logic, and actual critical thinking.

The subjects I talk about are chosen at whim, mostly, guided only by chance, the political scene, the days of stupid, and my ever-changing mood.  I gladly accept suggestions, links, ideas, brainpicking, and brain food.  Comments are greatly welcomed, so long as they fit within our commenting policy.  Linking to and from this blog is also greatly welcomed – spread the word!

If you need to reach me for a special question, technical issue, or other problems, feel free to email me. I am also available on Yahoo! Instant Messenger as KaieASaurusRex.


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