Rape Jokes Ain’t Funny, Y’all

Apparently, in some corners of the Dance Dance Revolution [DDR] community, holding on to the bar at the back of the pads is looked down on.

And it’s also called bar raping.

Yes, you read that right.  Holding on to a padded metal bar to improve dexterity and motion is now equal to forcing someone to have sex against their will, holding them down at gun or knife point and having your way with them, continuing after consent has been withdrawn.

There’s a Facebook group against it, using the ever-popular phrase “just say no!” to illustrate their point, which brings us back to “forcing sex/having sex without consent.”

There’s an entry in the DDR Freak Dictionary for it, which terms it as “An unflattering term for bar-hugging.”  Unflattering, really?  I thought it was a sick joke at delegitimizing rape and a stab at victim blaming to boot.

LiveJournal has a community called “Bar Rapers ‘R’ Us” – a name a community has given themselves.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of other places this term is used, and I simply didn’t have the heart to trawl through any more websites, blogs, forums, or other places that a real, actual term with real, actual consequences is used as a term for something that’s built into the game.

In short: Rape no longer means victim blaming, rape no longer means a culture where women are turned into commodities, rape no longer means having to face yourself in the mirror each morning and try not to think of yourself as “broken” or “damaged,” it simply means doing something others don’t agree with.

Stay classy, people.